Faculty & Staff

Natraj Krishnan

Assistant Professor
Discipline: Entomology

Specialty: Insect Physiology
Email: nk260@msstate.edu
Phone: (662) 325-2978
Office Location: Clay Lyle Entomology Building, Room 133

Mailing Address
Box 9775
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Physical Address
100 Old Hwy. 12
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Publications on Pubmed

Courses Taught

  • EPP 4335/6335 - Anatomy and Physiology of Insects

Society Membership

  • Entomological Society of America
  • Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology

Research Interests

  • Insect-Plant Interactions
  • Oxidative stress and regulation of antioxidant response in insect digestion
  • Endocrine and circadian control of response to oxidative stress
  • Circadian regulation of cellular homeostasis

Recent Publications

  • Bednarova, A., D. Kodrik, N. Krishnan. 2013. Adipokinetic hormone exerts its antioxidative effects using a conserved signal-transduction mechanism involving both PKC and cAMP by mobilizing extra- and intracellular Ca2+ stores. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, 158(3):142-149. Download
  • Bednarova, A., D. Kodrik, N. Krishnan. 2013. Unique roles of glucagon and glucagon-like peptides: Parallels in understanding the functions of adipokinetic hormones in stress responses in insects. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, 164(1):91-100. Download
  • Bednarova, A., N. Krishnan, I.C. Cheng, J. Vecera, H.J. Lee, D. Kodrik. 2013. Adipokinetic hormone counteracts oxidative stress elicited in insects by hydrogen peroxide: in vivo and in vitro study. Physiological Entomology, 38:54-62. Download
  • Ivanchenko, M.G., D. den Os, G.B. Monhausen, A. Bednarova, N. Krishnan. 2013. Auxin increases the hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) concentration in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) root tips while inhibiting root growth. Annals of Botany, 112(6):1107-1116. Download
  • Vinokurov, K., A. Bednarova, A. Tomcala, T. Staskova, N. Krishnan, D. Kodrik. 2013. Role of adipokinetic hormone in stimulation of salivary gland activities: the fire bug Pyrrhocoris apterus L. (Heteroptera) as a model species. Journal of Insect Physiology. Download